Table of Contents
  • Domain decomposition method for fixed-point problems Lori BADEA
  • Chaotic Vibration of Buckled Beams and Plates Daniela BARAN
  • Asymptotic Thermal Flow Around a Highly Conductive Suspension Fadila BENTALHA, Isabelle GRUAIS and Dan POLISEVSKI
  • A Theoretical and Experimental Study Regarding the Aerodynamics of a Ship Sail System (rom, doc) Cornel BERBENTE and Constantin MARALOI
  • The numerical integration of the Navier Stokes equations concerning the laminar permanent and two dimensional flow of a viscous fluid (doc) Florentina BUNEA, Mircea CAZACU and Mihai ANDRONIE
  • The Maximization of the Propulsion Force for an Aircraft or Ship Propellr Mircea Dimitrie CAZACU
  • A Study of Laminar Non-Stationary Gravic Flow of a Viscous Fluid between Non-Axial Cylinders Olivia FLOREA
  • Two Dimensional Dynamic Stall Horia DUMITRESCU, Alexandru DUMITRACHE and Vladimir CARDOS
  • A Comparative Study of Non-Fickean Diffusion in Binary Fluids Stelian ION, Anca Veronica ION and Dorin MARINESCU
  • A numerical study of laminar flow past two circular cylinders in-line at low Reynolds numbers Gheorghe Juncu
  • Boundary Value Problems for the Stokes Resolvent Equations Mirela KOHR
  • Finite Element-Boundary Element Approach of MHD Pipe Flow Emil LUNGU and Alin POHOATA
  • The Mathematical Modelling and the Stability Study of some Speed Regulators for Nonlinear Oscillating Systems Mircea LUPU and Florin ISAIA
  • Mathematical Models and Optimization of Naval Sail Systems Mircea LUPU, Stefan NEDELCU and Adrian POSTELNICU
  • A Mathematical Model for the Strongly Nonlinear Saturated-Unsaturated Infiltration Gabriela MARINOSCHI
  • Groundwter Polutiom Modelk fot Curtisoara-Slatina Area (rom) Anca Marina MARINOV
  • Higher Resolution Thermal Design of an HTS AC Armature Winding Alexandru Mihail MOREGA, Juan Carlos ORDONEZ, Petrica Andrei NEGOIAS
  • Dynamics and Bifurcation in Nematic Electroconvection Iuliana OPREA
  • Experimental researches concerning the stability of the bubbles columns generated by porous diffusers Gabriela OPRINA, B.D. OLTEANU and R.S. LIS
  • Stability of Particular Immiscible Flow in Porous Media Gelu PASA
  • The Evaluation of Transient Process in the Sonic Circuit of the High Pressure Pipes used in Line Fuel Injection Systems for Diesel Engines Lucian PASLARU-DANESCU and Valeriu Nicolae PANAITESCU
  • Spline Approximation Techniques For First Kind Integral Equations Elena PELICAN
  • Boundary Element Tearing and Interconnecting Dual--Primal Method Alin POHOATA
  • Optimal Control in Linear Pursuit Problems Mihai POPESCU
  • Matlab Evaluation of the Ωj, km, n Large Coefficients for PDE Solving by Wavelet -Galerkin Approximation Constantin I. POPOVICI
  • Darcy-Brinkman Convection in a Porous Layer using a Thermal Nonequlibrium Model Adrian POSTELNICU
  • Kinematics Dynamical System of Steady Flight, having solutions in implicit form as sin (x(t))=f(t)(doc) Sorin RADNEF
  • Hydrodynamic Pressure Acting on a Free Drop under Interfacial Tension Gradients Ioan - Raducan STAN , Maria Tomoaia- COTISEL and Aurelia STAN
  • Incompressible Flow of the Molten Powder in Meniscus Zone of Continuous Casting Mold Ruxandra STAVRE
  • General Method for Treating the Flow of a Barotropic Inviscid Fluid; A Possible Extension to Some Special Cases in Magnetoplasmadynamics (doc) Richard SELESCU
  • New Radial Crenellated-Corrugated Stern Sections (Tanasescu's Stern Shape) Obtained by Progressive Numerical Carving, coupled with an Inverse Problem for Optimizing the Expected Wake Horia TANASESCU
  • Upscaling of Chemical Reactive Flows in Porous Media Claudia TIMOFTE
  • Existence / Non-existence of Acceleration Waves in Third Grade Fluids Victor TIGOIU

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