Technical Reports

  1. Stelian Ion, Dorin Marinescu, Stefan Gicu Cruceanu, Overland flow in the presence of vegetation ,sursa (pdf)
  2. Stelian Ion, Solving Generalized 2D Navier-Stokes Equations, sursa (pdf)
  3. Stelian Ion, Mathematical modelling of metals mobility in the soil root zone, sursa (pdf)
  4. Stelian Ion, Anca Veronica Ion, Mathematical modelling of the soil erosion, sursa (pdf)
  5. Stelian Ion, Parameter Estimation of the ODE Model of Distribution of Metals in a Food Web, sursa (pdf)
  6. Stelian Ion, Exploratory data analysis tools, sursa (pdf)
  7. Dorin Marinescu, Stefan Cruceanu, Parameter evaluation for a bioconcetration model using cellular exclusion method, sursa (pdf)
  8. Mihai Popescu, Sufficient Conditions for Existence the S olution of Linear Two-Point Boundary Problem in Minimization of Quadratic Functional sursa (pdf)
  9. Mihai Popescu, Totally Singular Control for Systems with Parameters sursa (pdf)
  10. Mihai Popescu, Minimum Energy for Controllable Nonlinear Systems sursa (pdf)
  11. Mihai Popescu, Existence and Uniqueness of the Optimal Control in Hilbert Space for a Class Linear Systems sursa (pdf)
  12. Mihai Popescu, Analitical Solutions for Reentry of the Spatial Vehicles in Atmosphere sursa (pdf)