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The Institute was founded in 2001 by the union of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and the Center of Mathematical Statistics.
The Centre for Mathematical Statistics was founded on 1st April 1964 as a research institute of the Romanian Academy. Its basic nucleus was the probability division of the Institute of Mathematics, which had been founded in 1949 as a unit of the same learned society. The promoter of this development was Professor Gheorghe Mihoc (1906-1981), who became the Centre's first director, and after whom the Centre has been named since 1997.
The Institute of Applied Mathematics was founded in 1991 within the Romanian Academy. The promoter of this institute was Professor Caius Iacob (1912-1992) after whom the institute has been named since 1997.

Research domains

The institute carries the research programmes in two main directions within two departments: Department of Applied Mathematics and Centre for Mathematical Statistics. The main research areas are:

Research Facilities

A library, an internal network and a number of licensed software for calculus and graphics are the technical support for scientific research activity offered by the institute.


The library includes over 2000 mathematical volumes. The books can be accessed only by a researcher of the institute and researchers belonging to partner institutes.

Calculus facilities

Three sub-networks are in serviece: two of them are using Windows system and the third one is using the Linux system.
Licensed software: Mathematica, Matlab, ComsolMultiphysics, Statistica, Visual Fortran and Scientific WorkPlace all for Windows and OS2.
Free software: ODE solvers, PDE solvers and statistical analysis of data package are the most important numerical tools developed by the reserchers of the institute; they can be used under GNU License.

Editorial Activity

The instiute is involved in editing of two journals of the department of mathematics of Romanian Academy:

Advanced education programme

Our institute coordonates Ph.D. thesis in the field of mathematics. The PhD advisors:

Thesis Defended