Analysis and Control of Deterministic and Stochastic
Diffusion Equations

CNCS-UEFISCDI, project number PN-II-ID-PCE-2013-3-0027
Project information: General Information (pdf file)
Phases and Objectives: Objectives, phases and activities, (pdf file)
Report Phases
Scientific Report 2012 (pdf file)
Scientific Report 2013 (pdf file)
Scientific Report 2011-2013 (pdf file)
Scientific Report 2014 (pdf file)
Scientific Report 2015 (pdf file)
Scientific Report 2016 and Sintetic Report 2011-2016 (pdf file)

Director of project: Acad. Viorel Barbu

Contractor: Academia Romāna ­ Filiala Iasi, "Octav Mayer" Institute of Mathematics, Bdul. Carol I, no. 8, Iasi
Acad. Viorel Barbu senior researcher, director of project
Dr. Gabriela Marinoschi senior researcher,
Dr. Tudor Barbu senior researcher,
dr. Ionut Munteanu researcher